2022/04/05 15:49


企業や団体に使ってもらうことで、 渋谷を元気にするシティプロモーション活動をおこなっています。

障がいのある人はアートを描いたり、 創作活動が好きな人がたくさんいます。

アルファベットの創作活動をデザインを学ぶ 学生と共同で行ったり、





Shibuya Font is a collaborative project founded by the Shibuya Ward Council, which supports the disabled in Shibuya Ward. The students of Kuwasawa Design help people with disabilities to polish their work and develop them into their own unique fonts and design patterns, which are then digitised. These unique typographies and drawings become a visual inspiration for Shibuya. The project then set up an official site for the public so that anyone can use them freely, as authorised by the Shibuya Ward Council. Their aim is to promote these people’s talents and skills in their art works and also provide opportunities for them to earn income by selling their works. The project also boosts the city’s diversity and inclusion, and celebrates individuality. 

Shibuya Font’s ethics matches with our company. As such we donate a portion of the profits from our collaborative products to the disabled institutions.