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(1)銀雪:漆喰と越前和紙。共に日本で1,000年以上の歴史がある伝統的な素材同士の組合せで、抗ウイルス、抗アレルゲン、消臭、抗菌、抗VOC、調湿などの高機能性を持つ和紙です。基紙となる和紙は、森林認証を取得したパルプに加え再生古紙も使用。 ホルムアルデヒドなど、人体に有害な揮発性有機化合物を吸着し無害化するほか、CO2を吸着・分解することで、空気の浄化により、健康的な生活環境づくりを促進します。漆喰面は硬質的な独特の手触りです。
Ginsetsu 銀雪 (Silver Snow) : 
The postcards are made from Shikkui (traditional stucco) and Echizen washi (traditional Japanese paper from Echizen). Both are natural materials which have been used for over 1000 years in Japan. Recycled paper is also used to make these postcards. The paper has many properties such as humidity-control, deodorant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-VOC (volatile organic compounds), and anti-allergy. Other properties include removal/absence of harmful organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which are absorbed into the paper; as well as purification of the air by absorbing CO2 and dissolving it. Thus, they help to create a healthier environment for you. Adding the traditional stucco to the paper creates a unique feel and adds a harder texture to the postcards.

(2)グムンドバイオサイクル-FS サイクル:古紙パルプを100%配合した、FSCリサイクル認証紙です。南ドイツ・バイエルン州グムンド社製。サラりとした手触り平らで微妙な凹凸があります。大らかな優しい紙です。
GMUND Bio cycle-FS Cycle: Forestry Certified 100% recycled paper. 
It has a flat and smooth yet delicate concave/convex surface. It also has a soft and sumptuous touch to it. Manufactured by GMUND in Bayern, Germany. 

(3)ヴァンヌーボV-FS:FSC森林認証紙。森林管理から生産、加工、流通に関わるすべての組織が第三者機関の認証を受けています。VENT NOUVEAUはフランス語で「新しい風」と言う意味です。印刷業界のデザイナーで知らない人はいないであろう、紙の風合い(ラフ)と印刷再現性(グロス)を両立した用紙です。
VENT NOUVEAU V-FS : FSC Forestry certified paper. 
VENT NOUVEAU means “new breeze” in French. The paper has not only a rough texture but also printing reproducibility (gloss). It is well known to and admired by designers in the printing industry. As with all sustainable papers, it has gained third-party certification.

Classico tracing FS: We love translucent paper, especially this brand. The Classico tracing paper has the most transparency and is one of the highest quality in the country. Forestry System Certified (FSC) paper.

Types of gum seal 
We chose a gum seal that is a biomass marked product certified by Japan Organic Recycling Association (JORA).  The adhesive agent is only made from plant-based substances and does not contain any organic solvent.

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